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February 2019 

The cold seems to be settling in here in Nashville! Along with the cold comes the potential for inclement weather across our state. At registration all residential families signed a document that outlines our school policies in the event that adjustments need to be made to charter bus schedules. It is very likely that we will 
encounter some weather this year that will require us to either bus students early or late and/or adjust bus stops. Below is the statement of our policy should this occur:
In the event of inclement weather, Tennessee School for the Blind may, in conjunction with state officials and Wise Coaches, deem it necessary to either bus on an alternate day, move up or delay departures/pick-ups, or alter routes by eliminating stops. Families will be given advanced notice and will be expected to adjust accordingly to pick up or drop-off children at the adjusted time and/or stop.
Please be sure that your contact information is current so that we can get a hold of you should any changes be made to our bus schedule.
Our cottage renovations are finally complete! THANK YOU to all of the students and families for your flexibility over the past year as we have made moves and adjustments to make this happen! We are thrilled that everyone can remain settled for the rest of the year, and enjoy the new carpet, paint, and furniture in the cottages.
In mid-January the graduating seniors began the process of moving into the cottage apartments for the spring semester semi-independent living program! The seniors all signed a lease, put down a security deposit, and then moved into an efficiency apartment on campus. They will be responsible for creating grocery lists, shopping and staying within a budget, preparing meals, and cleaning/organizing. They will also need to get themselves up and ready for school! It is a very fun program and we are excited for the seniors to get a taste of what life will be like after TSB!
We hope you all are enjoying a wonderful start to 2019

Michelle Cormier 

Michelle Cormier,

Director of Residential Services