Photo of Michelle Cormier with a cottage in the background

Winter is coming!

With the change in weather, we will see shorter days and much chillier temperatures! Cottage staff will be working with students to send home any clothing that may not be necessary in the coming months. As we do this, please be sure to send jackets, long pants, sweaters, and other warmer items to school for your child. If your child has a clothing need that we can help meet, please call
me directly, and we will be happy to help!
A memo was sent home with all students on November 8th reminding parents and families of TSB’s inclement weather policy. It is likely that at some point the weather will be such that we will need to alter busing to ensure the safety of our students. Please review the policy that you received, and be sure that we have updated and working contact numbers for you. It is essential that we be able to reach you in the event that we need to change a bus stop, change busing times, or even change a busing day. We will always do our best to keep students in school and on a regular schedule, but in the event of poor weather, changes may need to be made. We will always make sure that you are contacted and made aware of any adjustments to bus stops or schedules.
Now for the fun stuff! This time of year is always a great time for us at TSB, and we always have a lot of wonderful and festive events going on in the residential department! Here are a few of our upcoming after-school activities:
November 19th: Annual Holiday Stocking Party with the ladies of Delta Gamma 
December 4th: Annual Holiday Celebration sponsored by Madison Church of Christ 
December 9th: Annual Community Band Concert
December 11th: TSB Holiday Recital
In addition to the above events, each individual cottage will be having its own night of holiday celebrations! Your child's YSW will fill you in on the date and specifics – if your child is not one who typically stays in the cottage all week but he/she would like to participate, please let me know in advance! 
Finally, remember that Friday, December 20th will be the final busing day before the holiday break! Busing will resume on Sunday, January 5th, with classes starting Monday, January 6th, 2020! 
Have a safe and warm Holiday Season! 

Michelle Cormier 

Michelle Cormier,

Director of Residential Services