Photo of Michelle Cormier with a cottage in the background

Happy Spring! 

Hopefully, we will start to see warmer days and more sunshine in the weeks ahead! The coming of spring, brings a lot of exciting activities to TSB, so be sure to be checking the newsletters and website for updated information!
February was a fun-filled month, with our annual visit from the ladies of Delta Gamma for our Valentine’s Day Dance! The students had a 

great time hanging out with our volunteers and dancing the night away! Cottages have also been enjoying the bowling alley and getting outside when the weather permits! We are certainly looking forward to more of that!

The senior Independent Living Program is underway! We have seven participants this year, and the program is supported by the Friends of TSB! We are so proud of these graduating seniors for taking on the challenge of living on their own and learning all the work that comes with it! The 12-week program will help teach them about life after TSB, so that they are ready for the opportunities that await them!
We all wish them luck!
A friendly reminder – TSB has Spring Break from April 2nd
- 6th, so be sure to mark that on your calendar!
Enjoy your week off! 


Michelle Cormier 

Michelle Cormier,

Director of Residential Services