Loud resounding dongs rang out from a large iron bell and could be heard over the hills and throughout 2019 Photo of Graduatesthe streets of Donelson, TN on the last morning in May. The huge historic school bell cradled atop the high bell tower in front of Tennessee School for the Blind’s west wing, again symbolically proclaimed freedom and celebration. It sounded once for each of twelve students. The newly proclaimed graduates of the school’s Class of 2019 were expressing freedom from and completion of secondary education and celebrating the beginning of life’s next phase. After spending hundreds of hours in specialized learning, they were emerging to fulfill the school’s vision of becoming
“Contributing, Participating, Members of Society.”

The 10 a.m. commencement exercise was highlighted with the TSB Choir singing “Over the Rainbow” and “Benediction” followed by remarks from Assistant Commissioner of Education Ms. Teresa Nicholls. Salutatorian Anthony Bonetti led in the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Farewell Address was given by Valedictorian Alexandria Williams. TSB Superintendent Emeritus Mr. Ralph Brewer was assigned to

challenge the young audience as guest speaker. He gave the Class Address in the style that only a former superintendent and alumnus could. He skillfully challenged the graduates and those in attendance, amidst humor, to give of themselves for a better future. The 2019 Class Roll consisted of Anthony Michael Bonetti, Savannah June Copithorne, Candida Johanna Herrera Meza, Barbara Hunter Lynch, Rickey Steve Meadows, James Garrett Meeks, Miguel Angel Miguel Jose, Gian Caelen Sarabia, Johnny Allen Stiles, Cody Daniel Thomas, Victoria Leann Traughber, and Alexandria Nichole Williams. Victoria Traughber’s graduation came early in a ceremony held on Friday, May 3rd.

The Class of 2019 wishes to thank Class Sponsor Mr. Arthur Humphrey, Director of Residential Services Ms. Michelle Cormier, Choir Director Ms. Madeleine May, Graduation Coordinators Ms. Kelly Benton and Dr. Alan Chase, Principal Dr. Tonja Dandy, Superintendent Dr. David Martin, Commissioner of Education Dr. Penny Schwinn, Assistant Commissioner Mr. Teresa Nicholls, and Executive Director of State Special Schools Operations Mr. Eric Williams.

Additionally, they express thanks to Friends of Tennessee School for the Blind, Tennessee School for the Blind Alumni Association, and the Lions Club.