Tennessee School for the Blind began their 2019-20 interscholastic athlethic program by hosting an invitational track meet. OnRunners on the TSB Track  Friday, September 13th, athletes from six other schools began arriving on campus for the all-day-Saturday competition. Participating this year were teams from Kentcky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and Arkansas.

It was a great weekend seeing the camaraderie among all the athletes, both on and off the track. These athletic events create friendships, wonderful socialization avenues, and times of bonding with like-minded peers from other parts of the nation. Together, they learn life lessons on commitment and striving for achievement, as well as tucking away in the pockets of the mind great memories for tomorrow. Many TSB alumni reflect back to 


wonderful life lessons learned through their involvement in the school’s athletic programs.

The mid-September invitational also serves as the catalyst for the Tiger track teams to test their resolve and prepare for the NCASB Conference competition  later in the season. This year’s young teams showed spirit and were anxious to unveil the results of weeks of early morning and afternoon practices. 
Abbi Garcia claimed first place in the 1200 Meter Run “A” Class. On the boys’ team, KeAunte Smith placed first for his showing in the long jump and 800 Meter Run “C” class. Lee Smith also placed first in taking the Triple Jump and 3 Con “B” class. A good number of the Tigers supplied points for the team with second place finishes. They included TaMyah Jordan, Ella Brown, and Avery Mayberry, who placed second three times. The remainder of the team contributed by working equally as hard in placing in the top six rankings to gain the team points.  
On September 27th, the teams and coaches boarded the charter bus for Indiana School for the Blind to compete in  the NCASB Track & Field Conference competition. Ten additional teams competed at the meet. Events began Friday evening with the tandem races and field events. TSB’s boys tandem team consisted of Preston Taylor and Johnathon Grissom, and placed second. Additional highlights of the meet are as follows: 
Girls Team 
TaMyah Jordan- 1st place 3 Con, Ella Brown- 2nd place Triple Jump, Ella Brown- 3rd place 60 Meter Dash, Abby Sweet- 2nd place 600 Meter Run, Abbi Garcia- 2nd place 1200 Meter Run
Boys Team
Lee Smith- 1st place Class B Triple Jump, Lee Smith- 1st place Class B 3 Con, Lee Smith- 3rd place Class B 60 Meter Dash, Lee Smith- 2nd place Class B 600 Meter Run, KeAunte Smith- 2nd place Class C 400 Meter Run, KeAunte Smith- 2nd place Class C 800 Meter Run, KeAunte Smith- 3rd place Class C Long Jump Run, Avery Mayberry- 2nd place Class A 600 Meter Run, Avery Mayberry-  2nd place Class A 1600 Meter Run, Avery Mayberry- 3rd place Class A Triple Jump, Avery Mayberry- 3rd place Class A 3 Con, and Kevin Giron- 3rd place Class A 600 Meter Run. 
“We are proud of how well the students represented TSB on the trip,” said Andy Joiner, boys team coach and Athlethic Director. Making up this year’s teams are: Girls: Ella Brown, Abbi Garcia, TaMyah Jordan, Sydney Little, Tegan Tadlock, and Abby Sweet  Boys: Kevin Giron, Cody Grissom, Johnathon Grissom, Craig Heggie, Tyler Lester, Avery Mayberry, Austin Rogers, Donnie Sands, Lee Smith, KeAunte Smith, Preston