The reports read like something from the future… but it’s happening now! JABiztown group photo of TSB studentsTaMyah Jordan, Parker Delph and KeAunte Smith have all become company Chief Executive Officers (CEO)! Savannah Eubanks, Lee Smith and Brian Rock are performing the tasks of Chief Financial Officers (CFO). Can you believe it, and list goes on and on!

These “hands on” opportunities afforded the students, came as part of Junior Achievements JA BizTown program. JA BizTown as described on their website is: a community unlike any other; one where kids take charge by

running businesses, earning paychecks, voting in elections and donating to philanthropy. This unique program designed for 4th-6th grades, engages students in the roles of workers and consumers in a series of classroom lessons that culminate in a visit to our fully-interactive simulated town. 

The procedure for TSB’s involvement began in the classroom with 16 of the school’s youngest and brightest students. After lessons to understand the basics, it was decision time. Each student had to decide on what type of occupation they were interested in pursuing. The students then prepared for and went through the interview process in order to be considered for that position. Up to three positions could be listed as possibilities.

As when applying for any job, consideration was given to the student’s resume, experience, attitude, appearance, and much more. The students learned the importance of presenting themselves favorably and communicating their experiences and desires. After the staff interviews, a consensus was formed on which student was best suited for the positions for which they had applied. When the students received their new positions, classroom instruction continued on the expectation and importance of professionalism and being competent in their new field of endeavor. On February 27-28th the time finally came for the sixteen students to put into practice the things they were learning. They joined a similar groups of students from Harding Academy in order to populate the town. The simulated environment of JA BizTown brought excitement that could be felt in the air! Hands-on learning was engaging with real life applications. Here is a list of our future entrepreneurs and their places and positions of employment for JA BizTown:

TaMyah Jordan- Mars Petcare CEO

Savannah Eubanks- Mars Petcare CFO

Kevin Giron- Mars Petcare Sales Manager/Adoption Specialist

Kayla Cross- Mars Petcare Sales Manager/Adoption Specialist

KeAunte Smith- Newspaper CEO

Lee Smith- Newspaper CFO

Rylan Womack- Newspaper Editor

Cody Grissom- Newspaper Web Designer

Austin Rogers- Newspaper Ad Executive

Donnie Sands- Newspaper Photographer

Maliyah Green- Newspaper Reporter

Gage Yokley- Newspaper Reporter

Parker Delph- Wellness Center CEO

Brian Rock- Wellness Center CFO

Leah Mayberry- Wellness Center Health Care Manager

Andrew Bush- Wellness Center Nutritionist

Our students saw much success when given “the run of the town”. Through this unique experience, they gained valuable insights and knowledge  that may be guiding our town for a lifetime. For additional information on this remarkable program, and to see addition photos of our students in action, visit: