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Dear TSB Families:

Another school year is coming to a close. Another class is graduating and making their way into the world, and a new school year is just around the corner in August. Let us reflect on the good that has occurred this year, and work toward an even better year next year. TSB has had a lot of successes this year. Our sports, robotics, and forensics teams have excelled in their competitions. Our students have attended Space Camp, Ski Aspen, and have

 participated in the Tennessee Regional Braille Challenge, along with their peers from public schools. TSB students have participated in the J.A. Biztown and work-based learning programs. Students have participated in the TSB Transition Fair and the Youth Excelling in Learning Leadership (YELL) program through Leadership Donelson/Hermitage.

Our students participated in Poetry in Motion for the first time this year. Our life skills students have had great success with their gardening and recycling projects. The first Fine Arts diploma seal will be awarded this year at graduation. This is but a sampling of the great things going on at TSB. The list could go on and on.

As we complete this year, let us resolve to continue the good work. As a young person, I was a member of the 4-H Club and their motto has stuck with me throughout my life: “To make the best, better.” That is what TSB is all about, making the best better!  I don’t think we ever arrive at perfection, but it is a continuous journey of self-reflection and self-improvement for us all.

So with that said, let’s take the great things that have happened at TSB this year and make them the best ever, this and every year to come. Everyone have a safe and restful summer. Students, I would like to challenge you to read this summer. If you need books in large print, braille or auditory formats, contact your local public library and they can assist you in getting these books.


Dr. Kathy Segers

Dr. Kathy Segers,

Interim Superintendent / Director of Instruction