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Dear TSB Families:

Testing season is upon us!  
The following tests will be given on the dates listed below:
April 18- May 5-TN READY- Grades 3-8 English Language Arts, Science, and Math/ Grade 9-12 End of Course Tests
March 27-May 12- Multistate Alternate Assessment (MSAA)- Given individually
to students not taking the TN READY assessment as per their IEP.
I know all of you want your child to do as well as possible on their state assessments. Below are a few testing tips that will help your child have the best chance of success. Please go over these with your child and encourage them to do their best.
Remind your child to:
Get plenty of sleep the night before testing.
Eat a good breakfast the mornings of testing.
Avoid any stressful situations at home or school that could upset your child prior to testing. 
Read the directions carefully before beginning the test.
For braille students, be sure to read the special symbols and transcriber’s notes pages at the beginning of the test, to familiarize yourself with any symbols used in the tests that you might not be familiar with. This year there is a new code change symbol used when changing from literary UEB to Nemeth code. The Transcribers notes will tell you how these are used. 
Ask the teacher to explain something you doesn't understand. 
Pace yourself while taking the test. Try not to rush through the test, but not let yourself get stuck on certain questions either. Mark those hard ones and come back to them if you have time.
Don’t worry too much about taking the test. While doing a good job on the test is important, test anxiety can interfere with clear thinking.
After the test, celebrate completing the test and doing your best. You and your child deserve it. 
Questions about statewide testing should be addresses to: Dr. Dandy- concerning TN Ready and End of Course Tests, Kelly Benton concerning MSAA. 
Reminder: NO School on April, 14th or April, 17th for students due to Good Friday and Easter.  Charter buses will run on Thursday April, 13th and Monday April, 17th.  


Dr.Kathy Segers

Dr. Kathy Segers,

Interim Superintendent / Director of Instruction