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Greetings Parents,

Let me share with you information from Authur Humphrey about our upcoming 2018 Junior Senior Prom. As we approach the end of another amazing school year, the juniors and seniors of TSB are anxiously awaiting an awesomely amazing event known as the prom! This year’s celebration has been given the theme, “Dancing with the Stars!” The colors are black, white, blue, and silver. The theme
and colors were decided by the students! The prom will take place at Tennessee School for the Blind on May 10, 2018. Glitz formal wear will provide stylish ensembles to certain students! 
On the evening of the prom, we require all visitors and dates to present identification to security and be escorted to designated areas to ensure the safety of all participants.  Students will depart for dinner at McNamara’s in groups by limo starting at 4:00 from TSB and will return by 7:00 for the prom. 
This elegant evening of events will conclude at 10:00, and all visitors should promptly exit the campus as directed by our security staff. Tickets will be $35 per attendee and is due by April 20, 2018. We accept cash, credit, and debit cards. If paying by credit/debit card, please email Arthur Humphrey at so he can arrange to call you to take your payment. 
We are truly thankful for all of your support and look forward to this magical night to remember! 

Tonja Dandy

Dr. Tonja Dandy

Principal TSB