The TSB Leo Club disaster relief campaign was a huge success. All financial donations given for disaster relief have been forwarded to Lions Club International. They will support victims of the disasters the LEOs set out to help. However, in the process of calculating shipping charges to deliver the physical goods donated, it was discovered the expense would be far too great. Supplies collected were too heavy and expensive to ship. What could be a practical solution? 
After meeting, the LEOs decided on a great alternative for giving the physical gifts. It’s no secret that fall brings colder weather to Middle Tennessee, but the LEOs of TSB have decided to show the Nashville community the warmth in their hearts.
Second Harvest Food Bank workers had bright smiles as members of the Lions Club entered their facility with a bounty of much needed items! Second Harvest provides much to our transient community, and their supplies were running low. The organization had no idea they would receive so much in a time of such need, but you can’t ever underestimate the goodness of the TSB LEO Club!