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APH Federal Quota Count Phase 1 Completed by RCVI

Phase one of the 2019 American Printing House for the Blind Annual Federal Quota Census was just completed and submitted by the Resource Center for the Visually Impaired on March 15, 2019. There are two more phases of the census to complete, but phase one is the most demanding. The totals for the Federal Quota Registration are

listed below.
Tennessee School for the Blind- 130
State of Tennessee Public Schools- 639
State of Tennessee Private/Home Schools- 14
Grand total: 783 legally blind students registered in the State of Tennessee
Students who are registered with APH Federal Quota must meet the following conditions:
1. Have a current eye report within three years of the count date (which is the first Monday in January each year) that documents that the child is legally blind, 20/200 in the better eye after correction or has a remaining visual field of less than 20 degrees
2. Have a parent permission form on file with the LEA giving permission to register the student with APH
3. Must have a written plan, IEP, IFSP, Service Plan, 504 Plan, Intervention Plan, etc.
The APH Federal Quota Funds are used to purchase materials for these students that are specifically designed to provide access to instruction for students with visual impairments. These products are available exclusively from APH.  Also, large print and braille text books are also purchased with these funds for registered students.  The RCVI manages the Federal Quota Funds for all three accounts and orders can only be placed for students who are registered with APH by registered school districts.
Outreach Services:
TSB Outreach teachers have been very busy this year with their caseloads and providing assistance to local school districts with evaluations and consultations. There have been 116 requests for Outreach Services by TSB Outreach this year. TSB provides outreach services to local school districts upon request by providing direct or consultative services, vision specific evaluations, or other assistance as requested for districts who do not have a teacher of the Visually Impaired or Orientation and Mobility Specialist on staff.  The following Outreach teachers provide services across the State of Tennessee:
Cindy Adkins-West Tennessee-TVI, COMS, Assistive Technology Evaluations
Kay Jackson-West Tennessee- TVI, COMS, Admissions Coordinator
Wendy Morrison-Middle Tennessee-TVI, COMS
Patrick Rich-Middle Tennessee-TVI, COMS, Assistive Technology Evaluations
Allison Conway-East Tennessee-TVI, COMS
Susan Lee-East Tennessee-TVI, Assistive Technology Evaluations
Summer Preschool Evaluations:
TSB Outreach is currently taking applications from local school districts for the Summer Preschool Evaluation Program.  The applications and forms needed to apply can be found on the TSB Website at the following link:
For more information contact Gloria Armstead or Kathy Segers at 615-231-7301.

Kathy Segers,
Dr. Kathy Segers,
Director of Accessible Instruction Materials and Outreach