Resource Center Dr. Kathy Segers

RCVI Gearing Up for Annual Book Returns and new orders for Tennessee School Districts

Staff members at the Tennessee Resource Center for the Visually Impaired (RCVI) have been working hard all year to get ready for online ordering of new materials and checking in of materials that will be returned to our center at the end of this school year. Our staff has been barcoding all volumes of books and scanning them into our 
KLAS system along with their shelf locator bar code, so materials can be easily pulled to ship out. The newly upgraded KLAS system allows us to quickly find books and their shelf location which helps us get materials shipped to local school districts more quickly than in the past. 
We are excited that some LEAs are already reporting to us that they have all of their student’s books for next year. Through the use of the KLAS system, we hope to increase the efficiency of ordering and shipping materials to local school districts in Tennessee.  
The mission of the Tennessee Resource Center for the Visually Impaired is to provide high quality assessible educational materials for use by students with visually impairments in the State of Tennessee in a timely manner.  The team at the RCVI is working very hard to accomplish that mission.
Kathy Segers,
Dr. Kathy Segers,
Director of Accessible Instruction Materials and Outreach