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TSB Outreach Hosts First Short Course Weekend for Public School Students and Parents
The weekend of October 25, 2019, families of public-school students with visual impairments from East, West, and Middle Tennessee came to TSB for the first ever Short-Course Weekend. The emphasis of this weekend was Orientation and Mobility(O&M) and daily living skills. Students learned daily 
living skills by preparing the meals and snacks for themselves and their families and cleaning up afterwards. Parents learned about O&M from Allison Conway, which included cane travel under the blindfold, while their children were learning more about O&M. Highlights of the weekend were a trip to the mall to practice O&M skills, and the group submitting an entry into and attending the Chili Cook-Off that was hosted by The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) that weekend at TSB. This allowed students and families to interact with other individuals who are blind and visually impaired and to learn more about NFB. Outreach staff who worked with students during the Short-Course Weekend were Cindy Adkins, Kathy Jackson, Patrick Rich, and Kathy Segers.
Another short course weekend is planned for the spring that will feature independent living skills and another topic from the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC). Details on the spring Short-Course Weekend will be available soon.
Kathy Segers,
Dr. Kathy Segers,
Director of Accessible Instruction Materials and Outreach