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On April 27, 2018, an interagency agreement between the Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Department of Corrections, and Tricor Prison Industries was approved to create a braille program to produce braille for students in the state of Tennessee. This program will be housed at the Riverbend Maximum Security Men’s Prison in Nashville. It will be a joint effort between the
above-mentioned agencies. First steps are to select the offenders who will participate in the program. Then it will take about a year for them to become Library of Congress Certified in Literary Braille. Hopefully, first transcriptions will begin in the fall of 2019. As the group increases their braille skills and adds additional certifications in Nemeth Code and braille music, they will eventually provide most of the new braille transcriptions for students in Tennessee. The program is slated to begin on July 1, 2018. 
Future plans are to expand the program to include production of large print and digital media formats, as well as repairs of Perkins Braillewriters. 
We need your help! We need a name! Please help us think of a snappy name for our braille program that does not identify it as a prison braille program. Email your ideas to
Spotlight on Outreach!
Patrick Rich- Outreach Teacher Middle Tennessee
Patrick Rich will join the RCVI Outreach Team for the 2018-19 school year.  Patrick will be providing O&M services at TSB two days a week and working in the field three days a week providing TVI, O&M, and assistive technology services.  Patrick writes the following about himself:
Hello, my name is Patrick Rich. I have recently graduated from Florida State University with my master’s degree in Orientation and Mobility. I have lived my whole life in Tampa and Tallahassee, Florida and look forward to new adventures working with you all in the great state of Tennessee as a part of the TSB Outreach program. I grew up with my mother, who was an excellent TVI herself, and my father, who was a principal in Tampa. I have spent a summer working at the Florida Instructional Materials Center (which is the Florida version of our RCVI). I look forward to meeting and working with each and every one of the awesome Outreach staff!
Kathy Segers,
Dr. Kathy Segers,
Director of Accessible Instruction Materials and Outreach