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Hello from RCVI!

Two TSB divisions have recently been brought together under the same umbrella at Tennessee School for the Blind. Dr. Kathy Segers is now providing leadership for both the Resource Center for the Visually Impaired (RCVI) and TSB Outreach Services. The combining of resources under the direction of Dr. Segers enables TSB to provide school districts more efficient access to
 the following materials:
· Accessible Instructional Materials (AIMs) -Braille, Large print, digital, and APH materials through the RCVI
· Admissions- Packets and information about enrollment at TSB
· Outreach Services
1. Vision: services, evaluations, and consultations
2. Orientation and Mobility: services. evaluations, and consultations
3. Assistive Technology: consultations, workshops, and evaluations
4. Licensed TVI personnel to provide assessments, including Vision Essential Assessments, Functional Vision Assessments, Learning Media Assessments, CVI Range, Assistive Technology Evaluations, and other assessments as requested by school districts
5. Week-long full battery assessments for ages 3-6 through the Pre-K Summer Evaluation Program
6. Vision services to meet the specific needs of school districts, including staff training and in-service presentations
To access the free resources, materials, and/or services available from TSB's RCVI and Outreach, contact:Kay Jackson and friends
Dr. Kathy Segers- Director of Accessible Instructional Materials and Outreach Services  
Melanie Gordon- Administrative Assistance to Dr. Kathy Segers   615-231-7301
The RCVI staff includes:
Carol Lewis- Director of Braille Production Center/Braille Transcriber
Joseph Morton Clerk 2
Deanna Rivera- Clerk 3
Nick Sharp- Braille Transcriber and Proofreader
The Outreach staff includes:
Allison Conway- TVI/COMS
Allen Huang- TVI/AT Specialist
Kay Jackson- TVI/COMS/Admissions Coordinator
Susan Lee- TVI
Wendy Morrison- TVI/COMS
Staff Spotlight
Our spotlight this month is on one of our TSB Outreach Teachers, Kay Jackson.
Pictured with colleagues at Huntingdon Middle School are: Left: Angie Bunn- Director of Special Education Huntingdon SSD, Middle: Kay Jackson- TSB Outreach TVI and O&M Instructor/ TSB Admissions Coordinator, Right: Stacye Stokes- Special Education Coordinating Teacher Huntingdon SSD
Kay Jackson is a Licensed Teacher of the Visually Impaired and an ACVREP Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist with a background in Special Education, as well as a Masters +45 in Visual Impairments from Florida State University. Kay works in Outreach primarily in the West Tennessee region of the state. Additionally, Kay serves as Admissions Coordinator at TSB. An interesting fact about Kay is that she loves Corvettes, vintage cars, and antiques. Kay also works as part of the TSB Summer Preschool Evaluation team. Kay is our “Legs in the field” for helping prepare students for enrollment at TSB and working with their families on a more personal level prior to placement at TSB.
Kathy Segers
Dr. Kathy Segers,
Director of Accessible Instruction Materials and Outreach