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Greetings TSB Tigers!

I am very humbled and excited to have been chosen the new Superintendent for the Tennessee School for the Blind. This school has a rich history of serving the students of Tennessee, and it is my goal that we honor that tradition while ushering in a new era of inn-ovation and growth. I have had the opportunity to spend some time at the school in preparation for my official start on June 1st and can feel the excitement as I walk through the hallways and in and out of classrooms.

We have a dedicated faculty and staff who work hard each day to ensure our students receive the best educational opportunities possible. TSB has the support of many alumni who have experienced first-hand the benefits of the education they received and how that has contributed to their success as adults. Our community stakeholders and partners have strong ties to TSB and are key to the overall success of the school. Having a strong staff, involved alumni, and support from the community are all essential aspects of ensuring TSB thrives and provides the best educational opportunities for the students it serves. As we move forward through this transition, I encourage all of our stakeholders to be involved in the process.

As the Superintendent, I pledge to be accessible and open to all who have an interest in the success of TSB. Currently, I am working on a transition plan that has three main areas of focus:  climate and culture, a strong instructional program, and an operational focus that ensures a safe and inviting school.  Over the next several weeks and months, I will be reaching out to our stakeholders and soliciting feedback on what we are doing well and identify opportunities for growth. I look forward to speaking with our students, staff, parents, alumni, and community partners so that I can learn first-hand the impact TSB has had on their lives. Working collaboratively on our way forward will ensure our success in continuing the TSB legacy.


Another focus area as we transition is “Telling the TSB Story.” I will be working with stakeholders to develop a comprehensive outreach and public relations plan. An important part of this plan will be the “Ambassadors of TSB” program. We want those associated with the school (students, parents, staff, alumni, and community partners) to tell their story and how TSB has impacted their lives. The goal is to raise awareness of the programming offered at TSB and to demonstrate the important function the school plays within our state. Working together, we will raise awareness and increase the reach of the services that TSB offers.

Again, I am so humbled to be given the responsibility of leading TSB. Working together we will continue to build upon an already strong legacy. TSB will be known around the nation as a school that provides superior services for visually impaired students. Our strong academic program, along with orientation and mobility services, life skills programing, and career training will serve as models for other schools across the nation. Our students will go on to college, into the work place, and back to their communities prepared to be successful. Our Tigers will ROAR and make great impacts on their communities.  I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Dr. David Martin

Dr. David Martin