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Greetings TSB Families,

It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of another school year. As I walk the halls, I see students and teachers still going strong towards the finish line. Together we have accomplished a lot and our students have grown tremendously this year. We have laughed, we have cried, but through it all, we have done it together. As we move into our summer break, I want to say

I am truly grateful to have the opportunity to serve our school and happy to be a part of the TSB family.
We had a very successful testing season. Although it will be some time before we receive the results, I can say I am very proud of how our students performed. Each day, they gave it their all, took it seriously, and performed to the best of their abilities. Our teachers supported them through the process, and the whole staff came together to create optimal testing conditions. Testing can be a daunting task, but our students and staff came together to knock it out of the park.
The end of the year is always exciting, and we get chances to honor the work that we did. We have banquets to honor our work-based learning program and athletics. In fact, our work-based learning program was honored in a big way when it was chosen as a finalist for the Mary Catherine Strobel Volunteerism Award.  Awards Day gives us a chance to honor our students for their hard work. The students and staff alike get an opportunity to show off their talent during our yearly talent shows and recitals. It all culminates on that very last day of school where our seniors move into their next phase of life at graduation. This year, we graduate 12 young adults who are going to go out and make remarkable impacts on this world. Whether they are off to college, into the workforce, or back home to their communities, our graduates will take what they learned while at TSB and make a difference in their lives and those with whom they come into contact.  
I mentioned that we have laughed and that we have cried. TSB has had to endure a number of tragedies this year. Students have lost parents and staff have lost loved ones. The biggest blow came here at the end of the year with the passing of Keundre Mason. Keundre was a remarkable young man, full of life and always had a smile on his face. Everyone loved Keundre, and his passing was a huge loss for our school. His passing was also a testament to how TSB truly is a family. Students and staff came together to support one another. Many paid tribute and celebrated what a joy Keundre was and what he meant to them. Many of his “Nashville family” made the trip to Grand Junction for his memorial service. It was obvious that TSB loved Keundre, and he and his family will always be a part of our school
As we head off into the summer, my hope is that everyone has a restful and safe break. No matter if you’re planning a big family vacation or staying close to home, take this time to enjoy one another, recharge, and get ready for another exciting year at TSB. Get those registration packets in, and we will see you on Family Day, August 4th.
 Go Tigers!

David Martin

Dr. David Martin, Ed.D.

Superintendent, TSB