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Greetings TSB Families,

It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of the first quarter of school. This year seems to just be flying by. As I walk the halls and enter classrooms, I am just astounded at the progress our students are making.
We have several projects in the works currently to improve the overall environment for our students and staff. The cottage project will be
wrapping up soon. The final renovation is scheduled to start during Fall Break. We are also in the middle of a complete renovation of the school’s auditorium. This project will be ongoing into the new year with the project pausing in November. This pause in work will allow us to utilize the auditorium for our December programs. We also have new water fountains that will be installed throughout the building. These new fountains have filtering capabilities and allow users to fill water bottles.
I am excited to report that TSB has received a Tennessee Value-Added Assessment System (TVAAS) score of 4 for the 2017-2018 school year. This is the growth score calculated by the TN Department of Education. Our score was math and literacy combined. The scores range from 1-5, with a score of 3 showing average growth. With our score of 4, our students showed above average growth. Our students are performing well, and our educators are ensuring that each student is getting the support he or she needs to be successful.
Finally, I just want to remind you to reach out to your child’s teachers if you have any concerns. A strong partnership between school and home is a foundation for our students’ success. I want to ensure that TSB is a true resource to your child and family. If you think your child’s teachers are doing a great job, let them know. If you feel like we can improve in an area, please reach out and let us know that as well. Continuous school improvement is a priority at TSB, and we need stakeholder input from you to help steer this ship.
Thank you for trusting us with your child, and if I can ever be of assistance, please feel free to reach out.

David Martin

Dr. David Martin, Ed.D.

Superintendent, TSB