Learn more about our Student Recreation Program and the PBIS Program

Recreation at TSB is a multidimensional offering with a wide range of attractive and exciting opportunities for the students. Those within the residential program find the James A. Oldham Life Skills and Recreation Center (LSC) to be a key component in performing many of their desired recreational activities.

Enhancement and renovation of the LCS was completed in 2011. Knowing the student’s need for the facility to be equipped with useful recreational equipment and devices, Friends of TSB and the TSB Alumni Association came to the rescue. Graciously donating their time, treasures and talents, the LCS received athletic equipment, entertainment devices and educational materials.

The LSC is divided into designated areas that include a media center, craft room, lounge, canteen, music room, exercise room, scout room, meeting room, radio room, kitchen, play room and laundry room. This modern structure provides the students, as well as children visiting the campus, a wonderful environment for enrichment through exercise, recreation, social, leisure, and educational opportunities.

Tennessee School for the Blind also has a newly renovated bowling alley that is now wheel chair accessible. Once again it was Friends of TSB that saw the need and made the dream a reality.  Through their caring contributions the equipment and lanes were repaired and updated, and wheelchair accessibility was made possible.  New shoes and bowling balls were also purchased for the students.

Recreation is currently focusing on student participation in a cottage bowling league. The cottages will compete against each other.  Asked to choose a name for their teams, the following entries were submitted:

C-1-Shop, Drop and Bowl

C-2-The Bowling Stones

C-6- Alley Gators

C-8-The Strikers

C-9-Shut Up and Roll

C-10-King Pins

Students in each cottage will bowl 3 games within the next several weeks to determine who has the highest average scores. The winners will celebrate with an evening out with pizza!