Tennessee School for the Blind provided another wonderful platform for its student athletes to exercise their talents and abilities as the school hosted the 2017 North Central Association of Schools for the Blind (NCASB) Track Championship. The event, held over the weekend of September 29- Oct. 1, brought teams from nine regional states to the Nashville campus. Athletes from schools in Ohio, Arkansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri were trained, pumped, and anxious for the event to begin.
Teams began arriving Friday afternoon and competition began shortly thereafter at 5:00 pm. The recent arrival ofRunners at start of race


 “fall-like weather” in Nashville made the conditions ideal for any outside activity and gave a refreshing change from conditions the students endured the last couple of years. Coaches could be heard with words of encouragement and emphasizing last minute details as teams came together under the cover of their team tents.

TSB's Ella Brown Athletes again began to focus on things they could do to achieve their all-time personal best. The spirit of competition and the desire to become and achieve don’t fade away simply because one’s visionmay. In fact, in many cases, they become stronger. Additionally lessons of resolve, persistence, determination, and goal setting forged in the arena of physical competition often lay the framework for greater accomplishments in the classroom of life.

In this competition, the Tiger track teams didn’t walk away with as many team medals as they would have liked, yet they still walked away with so much!
Second year girls’ team member, Ella Brown set a personal best in the triple jump and also in the 60-meter dash. Boys’ team members Garrett Meeks and Carlos Medrano won the 1600-meter tandem race… for the third year in a row! Up-and-coming runners Keaunte Smith and Lee Smith came away with medals in 
their events, even against a much older field of competitors. 

Carlos Medrano and Garrett Meeks running

 In fact, this year’s TSB Tiger Track Team has some great features. There were initially 29 students who made the commitment to the early morning and late afternoon trainings. It’s a large team.  Also the majority of its members are young and energetic and full of character. “The future looks bright for the boys and girls track teams,” said Coach Joiner. 

It’s exciting to channel the enthusiasm and desires of the students and see the wonderful way they mature and grow. In hosting the NCASB Conference Meet, the students were able to interacted with many of their peers in an array of settings. The memories they have taken away are like wonderful, lasting trophies. Sounds like the TSB Tigers are right on track to me.