The 8th annual Souper Bowls reception featuring theStudents viewing their bowls ceramic creations of Tennessee School for the Blind art students, was held on January 31st. The location for the evening event was the gallery at Clay Lady’s Studio and Artist Coop/ Midsouth Ceramics (1416 Lebanon Pk, Nashville, TN).
Eleven students in all from Monica Leister’s art classes created ceramic soup bowls for display. The students were able to express their creativity and skills thanks to a funding grant from Friends of TSB. The “Friends” generosity provided the clay and products, along
with the refreshments served at the event. Being able to display their art work for the public is always an exciting opportunity for the students. There is an excitement in the air and
TaMyah Jordan and Trish Fitzgerald
beaming smiles on the students’ faces as they proudly depict the bowl that belongs to them. The Souper Bowls evening has such great benefits,
the first of which is a chance for each student to see the appreciation others have for their work. Secondly, the student’s handiwork generates Photo of Lori Kessinger, Director of Borderless Artsfunds to help others in need. Asattendees of the event viewed the bowls, they were encouraged to show pleasure for their favorite pieces through monitory terms. Money placed by each bowls was then collected, counted, and given to a pre-designated project.
This year’s project was found at Borderless Art’s. Contributions will assist in helping the organization begin a theatrical program for young individuals with disabilities. Money collected will pay for playwrights, a director, venue, etc. Over $300 was raised during the course of the evening. Director of Borderless Arts, Lori Kissinger, was present to direct the affairs of the evening.

Borderless Arts, formally known as VSA Tennessee, began collaborating with Tennessee School for the Blind eight years ago to create the Souper Bowls project. Each year, one of the student’s soup bowls is chosen to be awarded The Ernie Fitzgerald Award. Ernie was a supporter of VSA, the arts, and the event.
 The award honors the memory of his life, love, and involvement with the program and is presented by his widow, Trish Fitzgerald. This year’s winning bowl was created by TaMyah Jordan. Each of the students received a token of thanks from Trish as well.