The Tiger swim and Forensics teams made their way to Claytonville, 18 Swim TeamsOhio on April 27th to compete in the 2018 NCASB Swim and Forensics Conference Competition. They were joined by eight other schools. After arriving on Friday afternoon, the teams grabbed a bite before the swim team dove headlong into their races.  

Making the swim travel team this year for the girls were Alyssa Aydelott, Taylor Clarke-Vandermark, Isis Noneman, Ella Brown, and Kayla Cross.
The girls gave a great effort! Ella and Kayla placed 1st in the code relay. Taylor  finished 6th in the 500 freestyle race. Isis and 


Alyssa also contributed points as the effort from the small girl’s team was good enough to give them a 6th place finish overall.
Boys team members making the trip were Anthony Bonetti, Avery Mayberry, Carlos Medrano, Garrett Meeks, Austin Rogers, Donnie Sands, Craig Heggie, Parker Delph, and Adam Carpenter.
Carlos placed 1st in the 200 medley relay, 4th in the 50 freestyle, 6th in the 500 yard freestyle, and 1st in the 400 freestyle relay. 
Garrett finished in 1st place in the 200 medley relay, 2nd in the 50 freestyle,1st in the 100 free, 2nd  in the 100 back, and 1st in the 400 free relay. 
Adam placed 2nd in the 200 IM, 2nd also in the 500 freestyle, 5th in the 100 back stroke, and 1st in the 400 relay. 
Avery finished in 1st place in the 200 medley relay,1st in the 200 freestyle, 2nd in the 100 freestyle, 3rd in the 500 freestyle, and 1st in the 400 relay. 
Craig placed 1st in the medley relay, 5th in the 200 IM, 4th in the 100 fly, and 4th in the 100 breaststroke 
Anthony finished 1st place in the co-ed relay.
Parker finished in 6th place in the 200 freestyle as well as 1st place in the coed relay.
Austin and Donnie both had personal bests in the 50 free. 
The outstanding effort was enough to earn the boys team a 1st place finish in the conference. “I couldn't be prouder of how hard these kids have worked this season,” said girls coach Kari Harold, “We look forward to big things from this group of athletes over the next few years.” 
The TSB Forensics Club helped out their schoolmates with the swimming competition on Friday. Making the travel team for the Tigers were Anthony Bonetti, Ella Brown, Korey Nettles, Avery Mayberry, Abbey Pace, and Carlos Medrano.
On Saturday, the students competed in different Forensic categories.
This year’s open category was Story Telling. Both Ella Brown and Carlos Medrano took advantage of this fun category.  Ella Brown and Anthony Bonetti participated in the Impromptu Speaking category. Abbey Pace participated in Poetry, memorizing two William Shakespeare pieces, Korey Nettles participated in the Four-Minute Speech, and Avery Mayberry's Eight -minute speech topic was on gun laws and safety.
Carlos and Korey received praise for writing a great original piece for duos. The topic was of a radio host pretending to be a telemarketer that was harassing a customer. It was all a joke on the radio host’s end as the customer refused to allow the audio to air on the radio as he hung up the phone numerous times. Carlos played the radio host/telemarketer while Korey played the disgruntled customer. This duo received many laughs from the audience. Next time, we will be sure to publish their piece!
TSB Forensics took 6th place at Conference with Avery Mayberry taking 2nd in the Eight- minute speech, Anthony Bonetti taking 4th in Impromptu Speaking, and Korey Nettles taking 4th in the Four-minute speech. Great job, Forensics!