Few things can satisfy the soul like music, and one of the things that oftenHarmony Land makes music even better is when it’s experienced  outdoors… as in a park or natural setting. Thoughts like these must have been on the mind of TSB music teacher Madeleine May as she traveled across the school’s beautiful campus one day this past spring. On this day, the music teacher noticed many of the older students weren’t very active. Much of the outdoor equipment seemed geared towards the younger ages, and as she pondered this, her imagination took over. 

“I noticed that a lot of our outdoor playground equipment was more geared towards the younger kids, and our high school students didn't have a lot of options during their time of unstructured physical activity (UPA), other than walking around,” said Madeleine. “I had seen
these outdoor instruments at various parks around the country and thought they would be neat for our students,” she continued. What an ingenious idea to make outdoor musical instruments for a playground. This would give older students, as well as our younger students, something entertaining to do. 
“Once I had committed to getting the instruments, I emailed a few of our supporters,” said Madeleine. She found the Klinefelters from Matty's Vision, an organization whose generosity has supplied numerous indoor instruments for the students, were excited to support the project. They generously purchased two instruments - about a $3000 donation. After the instruments arrived on campus, the musical project started gaining attention. Superintendent Dr. Martin presented the idea to Friends of TSB, who graciously found a way to donate four more instruments - about $17,000.
The inner court area at the school over the years has received some wonderful playground upgrades. This wonderful Harmony Land equipment is but the latest. Special swings, equipment, and even a drinking fountain gave great options and met the needs of the students. Many upgrades came through the generous caring and provisions of Friends of TSB. The Nashville-based, 501(c3) non-profit has become addicted to finding and meeting needs at the state’s special school for the blind and visually impaired. This latest addition,TSB’s own Harmony Land, certainly is music to our ears.
Below are links to websites giving great information about how these instruments are beneficial to kids and adults alike - especially within the special needs community. Also listed are links to the wonderful organization that have made it possible for our students to have music in their hearts while outdoors!
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