Exposing the best opportunity and most unique learning environment for blind and 18 Video Photovisually impaired students within the state, Tennessee School for the Blind released its latest video on August 9th. Entitled “Insight to a Bright Future”, the production came at the hands of the school’s media staff over the summer. The video is a collection of “must see staff interviews” focusing on the school’s offerings and the impact they’re having on students. Superintendent David Martin provides informative details of the state’s special school, and the staff gives credence to how students are becoming contributing, participating members of society. The school has been described by visitors to the campus as one of the “state’s best hidden secrets.” Viewing this video gives you insight into the reasons why.
Released to the public on the school’s YouTube channel, a link is available from the TSB Tigers website and below. Don’t miss seeing what the excitement is about.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rwrNTLD8S4