As superintendent David Martin began his “Welcome Back” speech to the staff on the18 Orientation photo of Dr. Martin morning of August 1st, he had a tall task in attempting to equal his now famous “drop the mic” introductory remarks of a year ago. His motivational style of speaking had left the staff ready to take on the year’s challenges.

This year, after a lustrous introduction by Executive Director for State Special Schools Eric Williams, Dr. Martin took to the mic with a PowerPoint full of ammunition aimed at blowing up the school’s many accomplishments from last year.

Beginning with results from the AdvancedED evaluation, the accolades for the staff and school began to mount up. From AdvancedED’s thirty indicators for grading the performances of schools, fourteen exceeded expectations, nine met expectations, six were emerging, leaving only one in need of improvement. Most excellent for any school!

The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (ELEOT) became Dr. Martin’s next tool of motivation. ELEOT measures and quantifies active student engagement. Dr. Martin presented the following

scores the school received on a scale of 0-4:

  • Supportive Learning Environment 3.91
  • Well-Managed Learning Environment 3.86
  • Equitable Learning Environment 3.36
  • High Expectations Environment 3.20
  • Active Learning Environment 2.95
  • Progress Monitoring and Feedback 2.81
  • Digital Learning Environment 1.62

The school was awarded two powerful practices:                       

  • Standard 2.1: We provide equitable opportunities for our students and understand their individual needs.
  • Standard 3.8: We are doing a much better job managing our resources.

TSB received an overall index score for Educational Quality of 340.36 … Wow!

Dr. Martin proceeded by pointing out the overall accomplishments of the school. He listed them as follows:

  • Working together to improve our school’s climate and culture
  • Working together to do a better job of managing our resources
  • Being more visible in the community and developing more partnerships
  • Providing great opportunities for students.