Just when you might believe it “fiddlesticks” for those in Music City to replace hockey sticks with goalballs, think again! Players from both sports came together on Monday October 8th to lay18 Predators Day it on the line, or maybe better put, play it across the line. Members of the Nashville Predators engaged members of the TSB Tiger Goalball teams on the school’s campus. A goal was not only reached but packed jam full of fun and mutual support. Predators Craig Smith, Kyle Turris, and Miikka Salomaki showed they were willing to take one for the cause. Along with sideline reporters Lyndsay Rowley and Kara Hammer, the Predators players actively engaged the TSB teams in several exhibition games. As when learning any new game there are surprises. When a large hard ballcomes whizzing towards you and you don’t have

 any visual points of reference… surprise! The exhibition games with the Predators were a good way to add excitement to the beginning of the Tiger’s season.

On October 27th the Tigers hosted a Goalball Invitational week-end hosting teams from Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Illinois. The weekend was a great time for the teams to intermingle with many other visually impaired and blind students. It also gave the teams a chance to get in some much-needed competition and to expand their skills.

On November 2nd the teams left for The Missouri School for the Blind in Saint Louis. The Mules hosted the 2018 NCASB Conference Goalball Championships.

This year’s Tiger boy’s goalball team consisted of Miguel Jose, Anthony Bonetti, Avery Mayberry, Eh Gay, Craig Heggie and coach Jay Humphreys.

The girl’s team consisted of Ella Brown, Taylor Clarke-Vandermark, Savannah Copithorne, Candi Herrera, Isis Noneman, Lexie Williams, Alyssa Aydelott, Maggie Hall, and coach Kari Harold.

This year’s teams have gained great experience and tremendous growth.