PBIS: Your Ticket to a Good Time!


In 2014, TSB introduced its new Positive Behavior, Intervention & Support (PBIS) program, “Find the Good,” designed to encourage and reward positive student behavior. With a focus on being safe, respectful, and responsible, students discussed a new theme every Monday with their teachers and fellow classmates. Themes included courtesy, kindness, being a good sport, being patient, using good judgment – any topic related to the three points of focus. Throughout the week students “caught” practicing the theme, or other positive behaviors, were given a “Tiger Ticket,” Tiger Ticket photo, ticket states: I've been found being safe, respectful, responsible.exchangable for fun items and privileges every other week at the Tiger Ticket Shop.

In addition to continuing the class discussions and Tiger Ticket rewards, TSB has put in place an anti-bullying campaign. “To stop bullying, we have to present a clear definition of what it is,” saidTSB's Service Coordinator. According to the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, which TSB is implementing, “Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.” Bullying on occasion is reported and the administration is taking a strong stand against this kind of behavior, Bullying can be harmful to the individual being bullied. When bullying does not exist, teachers noticed students being more attentive in class, helping classmates, and being kind to one another. The whole atmosphere of

the classrooms, cottages, and lunchrooms is more positive. While students are eager to be rewarded with tickets to make “purchases,” the program has greater positive effects, transforming behavior long-term in every situation.

The beauty of this program, is that everyone can participate. Every single individual on  campus interacts with students. Tiger Tickets are available not only to teachers and members of the administration, but to cottage parents, bus drivers, and the custodial, nursing and cafeteria staff. With a watchful eye, everyone has the opportunity to reward positive student behavior.

Kelly Landeau, who works in the cafeteria, said that the students are very eager to help and show that they are responsible.” She noted that the minute Cody Thomas is finished with his meal he gets a dish cart and starts loading it for the kitchen. “Even the little ones have begun collecting paper trash, napkins and such, and taking it to the trash cans,” she said. “I think this is a wonderful incentive program. The kids learn responsibility, and I’ve seen shy students learn that participating is fun. I give away about 50 Tiger Tickets a day. I strongly believe in rewarding good behavior,” said Ms. Landeau.

Director of Insturction, Kelly Benton, noted that her former BEST students “work hard" for Tiger Tickets. When I was in the classroom I used the tickets to reward good behavior, and also for counting lessons,” she said. Students answered counting questions such as, How many tickets do you have? How much does the item or privilege you want cost? How many more do you need? She taught her students responsibility by encouraging them to find a good place for the hard earned tickets they were saving, and to remember to keep them safe.

Tiger Ticket Shop tangibles have included stuffed animals, jewelry, spiral straws, snacks, fashion scarves, ear muffs, books and more. Privileges included being line leader, making morning announcements, extra free time, lunch with your favorite teacher, and being “Principal for the Day.”

Andre Walker, former student of  Mr. Baker’s, noted that he earned tickets for running errands, good behavior, and paying attention. The best purchase he made with his Tiger Tickets was the opportunity to deliver the morning announcements. “I really liked doing the announcements. I liked hearing my voice over the intercom, and calling into my class to let them know I was on my way back. Everybody said I did a good job,” said Andre.

This year's prizes and privileges will be just as exciting, and include a lap top computer – going for a high ticket price! The more tickets students save, the bigger the privilege or prize they can purchase.  So, do your best, students! The Tiger’s Eye is on you!