16 Forensics Team

This year when the Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools held their 2015-2016 awards banquet to honor the Metro Schools forensics teams, guess who walked away with some heavy metal... TENNESSEE SCHOOL FOR THE BLND! As a member of the league, members of Tennessee School for the Blind’s Forensics' Team were present, and it was a good thing! TSB’s Fabulous Forensics’ Team scored the most amount of points for the year winning 1st place in the Sweepstakes. In fact, TSB won 1st place for the year for special events, 1st place for events category, and 3rd place in congressional debates. “The trophies are quite impressive,” said team coach Hilary Murtaugh. “This is the first time in at least the past 13 years, if not longer, that TSB has risen to this level against all of metro’s schools.” Individual members also won several awards and in particular, Taylor Grenier won a trophy for earning the most amount of points for our school. Take time to congratulate our team on this impressive accomplishment. They stood out because they are outstanding! The team consists of members: Anthony Bonetti, Mishon Breland, Taylor Grenier, Marcus Johnson, Austin Mayes, Carlos Medrano, Tim Tanner,Cham Tea, Corgan Waters and Coach Hilary Murtagh.