Tennessee School for the Blind art students were privileged again this year to participate in making ornaments for the National Christmas Tree celebration. This year’s TSB participants were Savannah Copithorne, Andre Walker, Isis Noneman, Courtney Wilson, Kayla Cross, and Maria Morari.
The group Borderless Arts (formerly VSA) used the theme of “Tea” for this year’s creations. The idea piggybacked on the ongoing idea of “Teapot Diplomats.” The project promotes diversity training and awareness of new police cadets in the Metro Nashville area. This ceremony was a part of the Metro police cadet training. TSB participated during the May/ June project. Our students made Japanese tea cups, which were presented to police cadets in June by our own Alyssa Aydelott, pictured below.
In continuing the theme for Christmas, each student made paper teacups and filled them with Christmas decorations. The teacups were then placed inside an ornament and tied with a ribbon. These ornaments will represent Tennessee on our National Christmas Tree in December. The ornaments are scheduled to be sent to Washington, DC soon.
Additional information on the project can be found through the following link: https://madmimi.com/p/851535?fe=1&pact=50462-142000002-7106870010-cbdaa0652b921b9fceb0be4812011049da4944af