The Leos recently met to create kits for distribution to homeless men and women in the Nashville area. The idea for the kits, as well as the materials, came by way of the Donelson Lions Club. Members there became acquainted with the concept while participating in a similar service project at the USA-Canada Lions Forum in Portland last September.
The Leos put the kits together in an assembly line fashion. Each hygiene kit contained:
Shampoo/body wash
Hand Lotion
Moist Towelettes
The items were placed together and concealed in old eyeglass cases. The old cases had been disinfected and also provided by the Donelson Lions Club.
A total of 96 kits were put together and labeled either to be used by a man or a woman. Approximately 60% of the kits had a man’s designation as the homeless population is greater with the male gender. 
Leos present for the project were Brian Rock, Danny White, Emiley Sutton, Parker Delph, Tedarryl (Jr.) Brooks, Donnie Sands, Miranda Bennett, Yenise Olivares, Jonathan Grissom, Lanathial Phipps, Sydney Little, and Tamyah Jordan.
Thanks, and appreciation goes to the Donelson Lions Club. Members present were Paul and Judy Murray, Bobby Bass, Tamara Golliher, Martha Hicks-Robinson, Arthur Humphrey, and Connie King.