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Friends Presented With Big Check

It’s always one of the highlighted days on the calendar when the good folks from The Parks Group, Bob Parks Realty and Friends of TSB gather in January. This special meeting, that has evolved into an annual event, customarily comes with a big surprise. 16 Parks CheckAfter much planning and hard work in sponsoring and executing the Parks Brunch and Bid, the real excitment comes when presenting the results to Friends of TSB and the students. Over the years these funds have provided the means to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of countless visually impaired children. Presented this year on January 7th was a check in the amount of $9,100.00. 

Our gratitude once again is extended to Parks Group, Bob Parks Realty and Friends of TSB! Thanks so much for making such a difference.

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Student's Ornaments Adorn National Tree in Washington

Christmas can seem like a long way off, when you’re young, riding a bus under a blue October sky with leaves only beginning to show their autumn beauty. However, the holiday spirit was alive and thriving at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), October 28, when 10 TSB students joined their college counterparts, NO111Rto create ornaments to adorn one of the  2015 National Christmas Trees in Washington D.C.  Invited by VSA Tennessee, the Vision, Strength and Artistic Expression program, the students made globe-type ornaments complete with artificial snow, a snowman couple on a toboggan, green mountains in the back ground, and sunset sky above. With this year’s ornament theme being National Parks, the students chose to represent the Smokey Mountains. Each student was paired with an MTSU student to NO096create the ornament from a variety of materials including tissue paper, cardstock, wooden shapes, and foam. The globes are approximately five inches in circumference and will decorate the designated Tennessee tree on the inner circle of state trees surrounding the National Christmas Tree in Washington, D.Che 2015 National Christmas trees in Washington D.C.  Invited by VSA Tennessee, the Vision, Strength and Artistic Expression program, 

“This is our 3rd year to participate,” said Monica Leister,

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Demi's Duct Tape Creations: A Tactual Expression


Nineteen year old Demi Richards had images in her mind she was wanting to express to others but she was facing difficulties. As a student at Tennessee School for the Blind, Demi’s vision is limited to light perception. In other words Demi is aware of darkness16 Demi Duct tape and light but is unable to actually visualize various objects. She is unable to see like the majority of her peers.

Struggling with how she could express her interpretations of life, Demi was in a dilemma. When attempting to draw or paint, she felt inadequate. In the process of working with clay, Demi enjoyed creating with her hands, but this too seemed to have limitations for her. To Demi the clay could be messy, was hard to obtain when she wanted  to use it, and was limiting with what she could do.16 Demi Rose In November Demi began using, of all things, duct tape to express herself. “I wanted to create things you could put your   hands on and touch,” said Demi. “That way, other visually impaired people like me would be able to see what I’ve made.”  Using methods that are “tactual”, or sensation derived as related to touch, is an important way to communicate for the visually impaired.

Upon her request, several teachers supplied Demi with a number of different colors of duct tape. It wasn’t long before a series of objects began to be created. Demi created a flower with multiple petals.  It was bright red. Her next designs went to the dogs… that is a complete series of them. First came a seeing eye guide dog.

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PBIS: Your Ticket to a Good Time!


In 2014, TSB introduced its new Positive Behavior, Intervention & Support (PBIS) program, “Find the Good,” designed to encourage and reward positive student behavior. With a focus on being safe, respectful, and responsible, students discussed a new theme every Monday with their teachers and fellow classmates. Themes included courtesy, kindness, being a good sport, being patient, using good judgment – any topic related to the three points of focus. Throughout the week students “caught” practicing the theme, or other positive behaviors, were given a “Tiger Ticket,” Tiger Ticketexchangable for fun items and privileges every other week at the Tiger Ticket Shop.

This year, in addition to continuing the themes of the week, class discussions, and Tiger Ticket rewards, TSB has put in place an anti-bullying campaign. “To stop bullying, we have to present a clear definition of what it is,” said Pauletta Frailey, TSB Pupil Services Coordinator. According to the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, which TSB is implementing, “Bullying is when someone repeatedly and on purpose says or does mean or hurtful things to another person who has a hard time defending himself or herself.” Pauletta reported that bullying has sometimes been reported; the administration is taking a strong stand against this kind of behavior, “because it is so damaging to the individual being bullied,” said Ms. Frailey TSB saw a significant rise in positive student behavior last year, said Ms. Frailey. “Teachers noticed students being more attentive in class, helping classmates, and being kind to one another. The whole atmosphere of

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Coming from the Classroom

Studying Social and Being Social Makes Good Mix
Studying Social and Being Social Makes Good Mix

Tennessee School for the Blind(TSB) students were able to experience a real world tour involving social understanding at the Downtown Nashville Public Library. The January, 19th field trip was part of teacher Aaron Lockhart’s enhanced instructional series in social studies. On the tour were World History students: Marcus Johnson., Abigail Pace., and Cody Spicer. American Government students Brittany Wolf, Abby Claxton, Aaron Patrick, and Anthony Bonetti also joined the tour. Lending assistance to Mr. Lockhart were Dr. Dandy and Mr. Joe Gray. While visiting the Nashville Room students gained perspective of the Civil Rights collection containing events both from Nashville...

Celebrating National Meet the Blind Month
Celebrating National Meet the Blind Month

National Meet the Blind Month came about to introduce blindness to the sighted community. Its a window for the general public is able to see that regardless of being blindness a person can live a successful, meaningful life. Many blindness organizations plan events throughout the month such as Braille demonstrations, reading braille books to elementary classes, and holding charity events at other organizations in an effort to inform people about blindness. TSB teacher, Domonique Lawless, wanted her students to learn about blind people who didn’t let their blindness stand in their way. “I wanted my students to learn that with a positive...

Art Students View "Ink, Silk and Gold" Collection
Art Students View

On January 7th, high school students from Monica Leister’s art classes took a fieldtrip to the Frist to view the “Ink, Silk, and Gold: Islamic Art from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston”. The Frist’s education department created a multisensory tour especially for this exhibit and invited TSB to take this special guided tour. The Ink, Silk, and Gold exhibit presents nearly one hundred works of Islamic art spanning the eighth to the twenty-first centuries from the impressive collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. This exhibition offers a look at the splendor and richness of Islamic art from Spain...


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15 Nathan250

Dear TSB Stakeholder,

The month of January brought the first major winter weather challenge of the year across the state. Snowfall totals in some areas exceeded 8 inches. While it was absolutely beautiful, it posed challenges to travel all

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15 Segers214

Hello All,

Once again our shortest month is upon us. However, February is a month that is full of activity.

Groundhog Day

 We start the month off with Groundhog Day February 2nd.  According to folklore, if it is cloudy on this day then spring will come early;

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15 Cormier250

Welcome to Cottage Corner!

We have had a terrific start to 2016 in the Residential Department! Students have been very busy as they start their second semester, and the cottage staff are always working hard to make sure all students are completing their homework and

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15 Elaine250

Hello from RCVI!

We have nicknamed ourselves the “Book Bunch” here at the Resource Center for the Visually Impaired (RCVI).  Although we provide accessible textbooks and reading materials to Tennessee students with visual impairments, we also stay busy insuring that

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