TSB Work-Based Learning Students in Video

In making contact with Mark Dickerson, co-owner and operator of the Donelson Cafe, she became aware of the Tennessee School for the Blind students. Donelson Cafe partners with various organizations in the area, including TSB and its Work-Based Learning (WBL) program, and provides realistic training in a hands-on learning environment for the students. Both Mark and his business partner Kevin gave input about their decision to invite the students to be part of the cafe. They spoke of the many benefits they have witnessed to their business by having the student workers. On September 9th, three of the TSB’s Work-Based Learning students, Rachel Haynes, Yenise Olivares, and Haddan Lewallen were interviewed on location. The students were excited about the opportunity. The video is expected to be completed and ready to début sometime in mid-October. The latest word is that Mark is planning a “video premiere party” for the film’s release at the Donelson Cafe. Stay tuned for the exact time but the date will be Wednesday, October 30th, sometime during mid-day.