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Seniors Have Fun Slip Sliding Away

Isn’t it exciting to do things out of the ordinary? It’s especially fun when it’s something you’ve never done before, and something that pushesSeniors pose for photo at top of ski slope the limits of what you’ve ever thought you could. Seniors at Tennessee School for the Blind recently returned from just such an experience. The Seniors have had fun slipping, sliding, and traveling down ski slopes far away from Nashville. Six students and three chaperones participate in TSB’s senior ski trip with Challenge Aspen.
Challenge Aspen, according to their website, provides “opportunities for individuals and groups with cognitive and/or physical disabilities” an “itinerary of indoor and outdoor activities that are sure to engage everyone.”  The concept of teaching blind people to ski came to Houston Cowan in 1991.
Today the organization hosts more than 400 participants a year involving them in a wide variety of outdoor activities. “This trip is a great opportunity for our students to have many new experiences,” said Julia Hedrick, TSB’s trip coordinator. “They always

Coming from the Classroom

Students Encourage Troops

Student who wrote letters pose for photo with school in backgroundThere’s not much that can ignite a pocket of warmth in one’s heart when unable to be home for the holidays. Yet one thing capable of stirring up the fire is to receive a heart felt note or letter from someone expressing gratitude. Through the collaboration efforts of Mr. Lockhart and Ms. Murtagh, the high school English students composed be...

The Inside Scoop in the Life Skills Loop

If you wander near Atrium Two on a Thursday afternoon you are very likely to hear some beautiful music. Photo of guitar player playing to studentsThe Life Skills On-Campus Field Trip program has delighted students and staff with a wide variety of musical genre and instruments. With the assistance of a local volunteer and musician, Ms. Lori Casteel, the program is nearly a year old. Ms. Casteel

Trip on a Live Wire

Students in TSB’s sixth through eight grade classesTwo students in atom costumes bumping each other had an electrifying field trip on December 2nd. They attended Live Wire! The Electricity Tour and entered the wacky world of Doktor Kaboom. Doktor Kaboom is the creation of Actor David Epley. Doktor Kaboom  promotes science safety and self-esteem. Above all, he encourages students to dive head first into their scientific studies. Dokt...

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The Search for a Superintendent

Travis Fulfills Role as Interim Superintendent

On the 21st of June, Nathan Travis announced to the staff that his responsibilities as Interim Superintendent at Tennessee School for the Blind would be finished on June 30th. He stated that He “was transitioning back to the department as the

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Hello All,

Once again, we find ourselves starting a new year in 2017. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were at the beginning of the millennium and all worried about what would happen to our computers when the computers’ calendar rolled over to 2000. Remember the Y2K Bug?  We have
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Header graphic of Michelle Cormier with a cottage in the background

Hi Everyone! 

Happy Holidays! December is always a busy month here with lots of festivities and celebrations throughout the month. Here are just a few of the fun events that have taken place: 
The ladies of Delta Gamma Sorority provided stockings and treats
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Photo of Elaine Brown with fingers reading braille in the background

Hello from RCVI!

The time of year has rolled around again and for me, this makes the 41st time I have prepared for a seasonal change at TSB. That first year in my Building 11 classroom, I marveled at the big maple tree in front of Building 14. Fall escorts the leaves of radiant

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