Insight to a Bright Future

Exposing the best opportunity and most unique learning environment for blind and 18 Video Photovisually impaired students within the state, Tennessee School for the Blind released its latest video on August 9th. Entitled “Insight to a Bright Future”, the production came at the hands of the school’s media staff over the summer. The video is a collections of “must see staff interviews” focusing on the school’s offerings and the impact they’re having on students. Superintendent David Martin provides informative details of the state’s special school, and the staff gives credence to how students are becoming contributing, participating members of society. The school has been described by visitors to the campus as one of the “state’s best hidden secrets.” Viewing this video gives you insight into the reasons why.
Released to the public on the school’s YouTube channel, a link is available from the TSB Tigers website and below. Don’t miss seeing what the excitement is about.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rwrNTLD8S4  

Tiger Growls Again Boost Wrestlers to Top of NCASB

With loud cheers and the spirit of the Tiger the TSB wrestling team again finds itself atop the North Central Association of Schools for the Blind (NCASB). Celebrating continues as the2019 Wrestlers and Cheerleaders defending champions bring home the gold again. 

The journey for TSB’s cheerleading and wrestling teams began in October with practices and scrimmages. Adding excitement to the beginning of the season, the Tigers hosted the 2nd Annual Frank Alexander Wrestling Invitational on December 1st. Eighteen teams from across the region and other states saw 123 wrestlers engage in the day long meet. 

With support from the cheerleaders, the wrestlers continued their journey with 13 events against private and public schools. January 25th found the teams traveling north to the NCASB Conference Championships in Illinois. Their sendoff on 

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Student Challenges Bring out the Best

What do you find to be challenging? Is it games, puzzles, physical achievement, other people, Student working on Braille Writter during Braille Challengeor even learning a new language? Children who are blind or visually impaired face a number of paramount challenges daily  with things often taken for granted by their sighted peers. Take, for instance, the advantage of sight in basic learning. How would you go about learning if you had limited sight or couldn’t see?

Despite inherent obstacles to overcome, students at Tennessee School for the Blind look forward to adding yet another challenge to their lives each spring. It’s the challenge to prove, in spite of difficulties, just how efficient they are becoming and what they have achieved. This challenge comes through two venues. Students learning a unique tactual writing system of communication for the blind called Braille are 
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17 Martin250

Greetings TSB Families,

It is hard to believe that we have come to the end of another school year. As I walk the halls, I see students and teachers still going strong towards the finish line. Together we have accomplished a lot and our students have grown tremendously this year. We have laughed, we have cried, but through it all, we have done it together. As we move into our summer break, I want to say

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Photo of Dr. Dandy

Greetings All!

Dear TSB Parents,
Happy end-of-school-year to you and your family! It’s very hard to believe that the 2018-19 school year has gone by so quickly. During this season, we reflect on the past school year and begin looking toward the future. In this magnificent month of May, we celebrate accomplishments!

Students have been honored and showcased

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It’s that time of year again – time to bid farewell to another school year and welcome in summer! These past few weeks have been full of ups and downs at TSB, and I am reminded this year more than ever what a special family we all have found in each other. Every member of TSB, from the students and parents, to the staff and volunteers, make this school the incredible place it is. Thank you for all that you
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Resource Center Dr. Kathy Segers

RCVI Ramps up for Summer Circulation Escalation

The RCVI is ramping up for its busiest time of the year, when all of the books checked out by local school districts from across the state that are no longer needed by that district, come back to be checked back in and redistributed to other students who need them.  During this time, it is not uncommon for a large box truck to arrive dailyAPH Federal Quota Count Phase 1 Completed by RCVI with as

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