TSB's Harmony Land In Tune With Students

Few things can satisfy the soul like music, and one of the things that oftenHarmony Land makes music even better is when it’s experienced  outdoors… as in a park or natural setting. Thoughts like these must have been on the mind of TSB music teacher Madeleine May as she traveled across the school’s beautiful campus one day this past spring. On this day, the music teacher noticed many of the older students weren’t very active. Much of the outdoor equipment seemed geared towards the younger ages, and as she pondered this, her imagination took over. 

“I noticed that a lot of our outdoor playground equipment was more geared towards the younger kids, and our high school students didn't have a lot of options during their time of unstructured physical activity (UPA), other than walking around,” said Madeleine. “I had seen
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Insight to a Bright Future

Exposing the best opportunity and most unique learning environment for blind and 18 Video Photovisually impaired students within the state, Tennessee School for the Blind released its latest video on August 9th. Entitled “Insight to a Bright Future”, the production came at the hands of the school’s media staff over the summer. The video is a collections of “must see staff interviews” focusing on the school’s offerings and the impact they’re having on students. Superintendent David Martin provides informative details of the state’s special school, and the staff gives credence to how students are becoming contributing, participating members of society. The school has been described by visitors to the campus as one of the “state’s best hidden secrets.” Viewing this video gives you insight into the reasons why.
Released to the public on the school’s YouTube channel, a link is available from the TSB Tigers website and below. Don’t miss seeing what the excitement is about.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rwrNTLD8S4  

Staff Receives Accolades and Directive

As superintendent David Martin began his “Welcome Back” speech to the staff on the18 Orientation photo of Dr. Martin morning of August 1st, he had a tall task in attempting to equal his now famous “drop the mic” introductory remarks of a year ago. His motivational style of speaking had left the staff ready to take on the year’s challenges.

This year, after a lustrous introduction by Executive Director for State Special Schools Eric Williams, Dr. Martin took to the mic with a PowerPoint full of ammunition aimed at blowing up the school’s many accomplishments from last year.

Beginning with results from the AdvancedED evaluation, the accolades for the staff and school began to mount up. From AdvancedED’s thirty indicators for grading the performances of schools, fourteen exceeded expectations, nine met expectations, six were emerging, leaving only one in need of improvement. Most excellent for any school!

The Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool (ELEOT) became Dr. Martin’s next tool of motivation. ELEOT measures and quantifies active student engagement. Dr. Martin presented the following

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17 Martin250

Greetings TSB Families,

It’s hard to believe that we have come to the end of the first quarter of school. This year seems to just be flying by. As I walk the halls and enter classrooms, I am just astounded at the progress our students are making.
We have several projects in the works currently to improve the overall environment for our students and staff. The cottage project will be
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Photo of Dr. Dandy


Welcome to TSB our returning and new students! It’s always an exhilarating time when a new school year begins, and this year is no exception! Our teachers are happily teaching, and our students are eagerly learning!
Registration Day, which took place on Sunday, August 5, was another well-attended event!  Many
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Photo of Michelle Cormier with a cottage in the background

October 2018 

The newest addition to the residential department is Stanley, also known as “The Stanley Pup”! Stanley is a male black lab who is being raised for Leader Dogs for the Blind. He was named in support of the Nashville Predators as they chase after the Stanley Cup this year! Stanley will spend most days with me, learning basic obedience
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Resource Center Dr. Kathy Segers

Welcome Cindy Adkins!

The newest addition to the TSB Outreach staff is Cindy Adkins. Cindy is working as both a TVI and Orientation and Mobility Specialist in West Tennessee. Cindy worked in Dickson County for 17 years as a Special Education teacher.  While in Dickson, she taught Resource and Inclusion Algebra, CDC Life Skills, and a self-contained, 
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