Tigers Heat Things Up at NCASB Conference

2018 TSB Wrestling TeamTemperatures dipped into the single digits in Nashville the week leading to the 2018 NCASB Wrestling and Cheer Conference. It must have been Ole Man Winter’s way of letting the TSB Tigers know just what they needed to overcome in order to turn up the heat and burn up the mats at the Wisconsin School for the Blind. In preparation for the trip into the snowy north country, the coaches had to practice with squads reduced in size due to weather -related closures of area school districts. With wrestling meets also canceled, the Tigers were fortunate to have gained experience the previous weekend in travel to Alabama’s School for the Blind. During Alabama’s homecoming tournament, the Tigers walked away
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TSB Celebrates African Americans in Times of War

During the month of February, students at  Tennessee School forStudents celebrate in dance and song the Blind turned their attention to achievements within the African-American community. In celebrating Black History Month, the focus centered on the sacrifices, resolve, and accomplishment of the men, women, and families during times when our nation has been at war. Each year, a theme is chosen for the month by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH). The non-profit organization, begun by Carter Woodson in Chicago, Il. during the early 1900s, promotes, researches, interprets, and disseminates information about Black life, history, and culture. 
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Braille and Academics Challenge Students

The 1st of March found the students at Tennessee School for the Blind involved in competition18 Braille Challenge Students using Braillers. The school offered challenges to their braille students through hosting the Tennessee Regional Braille Challenge, while the remaining academic students were challenged through an Academic Challenge. 2018 marked the 12th year that Tennessee School for the Blind has hosted The Tennessee Regional Braille Challenge. This regional event is part of The Braille Challenge®, a national program of the Braille Institute. Both the Braille and Academic Challenges at TSB are funded by B’nai B’rith Maimonides Lodge #46, a local chapter of B’nai B’rith, the oldest Jewish service organization in the world. The Nashville Lodge sponsors

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17 Martin250

Greetings TSB Families,

We are now in the home stretch of the school year. As we finish the year, we can begin to look back and see all that we have accomplished. Working together, we have made significant strides in moving TSB forward. Our students have worked hard and accomplished great things in their classes. Our faculty and staff have been diligent in their work, and collectively, we have moved the school in a positive  

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Photo of Dr. Dandy

Greetings Parents,

Let me share with you information from Authur Humphrey about our upcoming 2018 Junior Senior Prom. As we approach the end of another amazing school year, the juniors and seniors of TSB are anxiously awaiting an awesomely amazing event known as the prom! This year’s celebration has been given the theme, “Dancing with the Stars!” The colors are black, white, blue, and silver. The theme
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Photo of Michelle Cormier with a cottage in the background

April 2018 

Spring is on its way, and we are very busy here at TSB! We had a wonderful and entertaining Talent Show last night, as well as a successful Silent Auction! I hope you were able to enjoy the show, either here on campus or through our live streaming link on the TSB website!
As you all know, things here are fast and furious as we move into these last couple
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Resource Center Dr. Kathy Segers

TN RCVI is Going High-Tech!

The Tennessee Resource Center for the Visually Impaired (TN RCVI) is using the KLAS database to conduct the annual registration of students who are legally blind for the American Printing House for the Blind (APH).  Funds can be used by local school districts including TSB to order materials for students who are registered from APH through the TN RCVI.  This year, we had to obtain parent permission in 
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