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The Tennessee School for the Blind (TSB) is a public state special school located in Nashville, Tennessee. TSB enrolls students who are blind and visually impaired in preschool through 12th grade. Students attend TSB both as day students and on-campus residential students.
Families of students with visual impairments seeking to learn more about TSB may request a tour of the school at any time, separate from the admissions process. This is highly encouraged, to develop an initial understanding of student life and educational programming at TSB. They may do so by contacting Lavette Sales.

Eligibility Criteria

Any student ages three (3) through twenty-one (21) who is a resident of Tennessee and who has a visual impairment, including blindness, even with correction, that adversely affects the student's educational performance is eligible for admission to TSB. 
Students who have been evaluated and found to meet the definition of visual impairment, and have established vision eligibility on their Individualized Education Plan (IEP), may be referred to TSB by their local IEP team. TSB's admissions team must review a student's admissions materials to determine their eligibility for enrollment. 
Residential Note:
Eligibility to attend TSB does not guarantee a student will be accepted for TSB's residential program. This is a separate application with its own policies (see TDOE Policy 3.7000). Applicants to TSB who reside outside of Davidson and the immediate surrounding counties would be eligible to apply as residential students. In order to be admitted to the residential program, applicants must have the ability to live independently provided the residential supports offered to all students and must not have any un-rehabilitated behavior that would pose a threat to themselves or others in the residential setting to include the charter bus. 
Applicants to TSB who live in Davidson County or the immediate surrounding counties typically have access to daily transportation and would apply as a day student. Any request for residential placement from a day student is considered on a case-by-case basis and is approved based on space, staffing, and the student’s ability to meet the independence and behavioral criteria.
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Admissions Process

  • As of April 1, 2024, TSB is in the process of updating its admissions procedures. The steps outlined below are subject to change.
  • Applications must be received by February to enroll the same school year.

Application Phase

Once the intent to apply to TSB is established, the school district and family will work together to submit the TSB school application, along with the documents listed below:
  • Current eye report (within 1 year of time of application)
  • Functional Vision/Learning Media Assessment
  • Current IEP
  • Related service evaluations (O&M/OT/PT/SLP, etc.)
  • Current and initial eligibility documents
  • Most recent re-evaluation summary report
  • Functional behavioral assessment/Behavior intervention plan (if applicable) & Data
  • Psychological evaluation report (if applicable)
  • School Transcript (attendance reports, disciplinary records, grade and testing data)
  • Medical care plans for all emergency conditions (if already in place with LEA)
  • Additional educationally relevant documents (e.g., EL, Dyslexia, RTI)
  • Additional medically relevant documents (e.g., for additional diagnoses/disabilities)

Decision Phase

Once the application and accompanying documentation has been received, TSB's admissions team will review the records to confirm the applicant's eligibility to attend TSB. Additional requests for information may occur. During this review of records, the applicant may be observed in their home district setting, and the family will be invited to take a tour of TSB if they have not done so already. 
If an applicant is determined to be eligible to attend TSB, TSB Admissions will instruct the applicant's school district to schedule a Least Restrict Environment (LRE) Options IEP meeting to discuss placement options.
Not Eligible
If an applicant is determined to be not eligible to attend TSB, the reasoning for this decision will be shared with the applicant's family and school district. It is possible that the applicant may become eligible in the future if conditions change.
At the LRE Options IEP meeting, school district and TSB representatives (TSB must be present) will discuss the applicant's current educational programming and participation alongside educational programming opportunities at TSB, as well as the context for TSB being considered as the LRE. The IEP team will then potentially reach a consensus regarding the student's LRE placement. 
Decision to place at TSB Discussion and decision will be recorded in a Prior Written Notice.
Decision to remain at LEA If the IEP team decides the school district remains the best LRE placement, the application will be closed. The applicant may reapply in the future if circumstances change.

Enrollment Phase

When the applicant's school district has submitted the Prior Written Notice to TSB, TSB Admissions will distribute the school and clinic's registration documents for completion.
When all registration materials are received, the school district will be instructed to schedule a Final Placement IEP in which the applicant's IEP is formally adjusted to reflect attendance at TSB, and a start date will be set.
Dr. Allen Huang
Director of Accessible Instructional Materials, Outreach Services & Admissions
Lavette Sales
Admissions Coordinator

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