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Unity Virtual Academy 

Professional Development & Resource Meetings for Vision Educators

Unity Virtual Academy is a virtual learning series developed through a partnership between the Tennessee School for the Blind, Tennessee Chapter of AER, and Vanderbilt University's Program in Visual Disabilities.
Sessions each month will generally be on the:
  • 1st Wednesdays from 3-4pm EST / 2-3pm CST
  • 3rd Fridays from1:30-3:30pm EST / 12:30-2:30pm CST
Have a great idea for a session you'd like to give to colleagues across the state?  Fill out the survey linked HERE!

Upcoming Sessions

Registration links may be found in the PDF schedule below.
September 17 (Friday)
12:30-2:30pm CST
Fall Tennessee VI Educator Consortium Meeting
October 6 (Wednesday)
2-3pm CST
Planning for What's Next:
TN VR Resources for College-Bound Students with VI
October 22 (Friday)
12:30-2:30pm CST
Nemeth and UEB Math/Science:
Considerations for the Adoption of UEB
November 3 (Wednesday)
2-3pm CST
Planning for What's Next:
TN VR Career Building Resources for Students with VI
(with and without Additional Disabilities)
December 8 (Wednesday)
2-3pm CST
Lightbox Stories & Literacy Programming
for Students with Complex Profiles