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Essential Vision Assessment: Tips for TVIs in a Virtual World

Added Oct 14, 2021
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Presented by Dr. Karen Blankenship (TSB) on 12/4/2020 Unity Virtual Academy 2020-2021 Session Description: This presentation will talk about the latest resources to conduct functional vision, learning media, and expanded core curriculum assessments on-site or in a virtual world.
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  • 1:00:31 Bioptic Driving – Adult Perspectives & Tennessee Requirements (Panel Discussion)

    Participants: Dr. Joshua Robinson (Vanderbilt University Medical Center), Arthur Humphrey, Joshua Harper
    Date: 2/23/2024
    TN VIVA 2022-2023
    Session Description:
    This session will present an overview of considerations of bioptic driving for teens and young adults with low vision. Panelists include a low vision specialist and adults with low vision sharing why they decided bioptic driving was or was not a good fit for them. This session is geared towards teens with low vision and their families, as well as TVIs, O&M specialists, VR counselors, and other transition specialists looking for a background knowledge of how to talk about bioptic driving with students and clients.

    Uploaded Feb 24, 2023
  • Unity Virtual Academy session recording: Social Emotional Learning and Crisis Support for Visually Impaired Students 56:27 Social Emotional Learning & Crisis Support for Visually Impaired Students

    Presented by Andrea Word, MSW (TSB) on 9/1/2021
    Unity Virtual Academy 2021-2022
    Session Description:
    This session is designed for TVIs to learn more about SEL (social emotional learning) for students with VI, learn signs of when a student is in a mental health crisis, and discuss appropriate resources in and out of school to support students.

    Uploaded Sep 07, 2021

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