Medical Services

 Image of Clinic StaffThe Tennessee School for the Blind Clinic serves the medical and physical needs of students who attend the school. Four registered nurses (RN) and 2 licensed practical nurses (LPN) staff the clinic 24 hours a day from Sunday afternoon, when cottage students arrive on campus, until Friday afternoon when students return home.  The nurses give medication to students according to doctor’s orders, treat minor illnesses and accidents on an as-needed basis and teach health education. They also encourage healthy eating and physical activity to prevent obesity.

A local physician treats residential students who become ill during the school week. A school ophthalmologist examines all TSB students once a year to confirm blindness which is a state requirement to attend TSB. In cases of emergency from illness or injury, students are sent to the nearest emergency room. Family members may also request transport to their hospital of choice.

TSB encourages student wellness by requiring all students to receive a yearly wellness physical and to meet the state immunization requirements prior to registration. A flu vaccine is offered free of charge to all students as well as staff on an annual basis. Students who become contagious are isolated from their peer group to prevent the spread of disease to other students. Hand-washing, as well as good hygiene is encouraged on a routine basis.