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Guidelines for the Provision of Assessments and Direct Educational Services

The Outreach Program of the Tennessee School for the Blind (TSB) offers a variety of services to children with visual impairments.  These include both assessment and direct educational services.  Assessment services include but are not limited to: functional vision assessments, orientation and mobility assessments, daily living skills assessments and technology assessments.  These assessments are typically completed at the student’s school. 

Direct educational services provided by a certified Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments and/or an Orientation and Mobility Specialist are also available on a limited basis. Each Local Education Agency (LEA) Supervisor of Special Education may make a request for direct services at any time during the year. At that time the TSB Outreach Committee will review the request. The committee will need copies of the most recent educational information, i.e., eye doctor's report, functional vision assessment, orientation, and mobility assessment (if applicable), a copy of the current IEP, and any other pertinent information necessary. A decision will be made regarding the type of educational services to be provided using the guidelines listed below. Due to limitations in staffing, some students who need services may be temporarily placed on a waiting list but will receive services as soon as possible  

Availability of Services in the Local Education Agency

School districts that do not currently employ a certified Teacher for Students with Visual Impairments and/or an Orientation and Mobility Specialist are eligible for direct services through the program. All others will be considered on an individual basis.


Students who have immediate personal safety issues as a result of visual impairment will be given the highest priority for services. 


Students who are nearing graduation from high school will be given high consideration for services. Second priority will be given to younger students who, in the opinion of the Outreach Team, will gain the most from early intervention.   


The distance between TSB's Outreach office and the student's school will be considered.  While direct services are available to students across the entire state, driving time will have an impact on the scheduling and the number of services a student will receive throughout the school year.

Academic Performance

Students will be given priority if their visual impairment is having a negative impact on academic performance and/or the ability to travel around the school and interact with other students.

Previous Services

Students who have never received services through this program will be given priority over students who have received services in the past.

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