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1.  FEDERAL QUOTA UPDATE - The 2024 Federal Quota Program Census has begun, with significant updates to FQ eligibility criteria. LEAs should download the LEA Guide for the FQ Census NOW and begin updating student information in the RCVI Online Portal (ROP). LEAs should also contact Allen Huang ([email protected]) or Deanna Rivera ([email protected]) with information regarding student transfers and personnel changes.
2.  AT LENDING LIBRARY - Visit the RCVI's new AT Lending Library webpage to learn more about the program's eligibility criteria and devices available to be requested.
3. UPDATED FORMS - The RCVI's Application for Service and FQ & Ordering Designee Forms have been updated for 2023-24. Visit the FORMS page to download copies of these for use this school year.
4. RETURN BOOKS AND MATERIALS TO RCVI - If you have any RCVI items sent out for previous school years that your students no longer need, please send them back so they can be re-used by other students! Feel free to use the RCVI's Free Matter for the Blind return shipping label.

What is RCVI?

The Tennessee Resource Center for the Visually Impaired (RCVI) exists to ensure that all students who are blind or visually impaired in the state of Tennessee have access to accessible instructional materials, as well as materials available from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH). 


For example, RCVI can facilitate the production of textbooks and ancillary materials in large print and braille formats, and items like video magnifiers and specialized tactile graphics kits for teaching Earth and life science are available for ordering from APH.

Getting Started

The RCVI serves all students in Tennessee who are blind or have a visual impairment. However, not all students with a visual impairment qualify for every one of the RCVI’s services. Please visit the About RCVI section of our website to learn more about our specific eligibility requirements HERE.
Head to the RCVI’s online ordering website HERE, or select Ordering from the toolbar on the right side of the screen.
If you have a student who transferred from out of state or is seeking RCVI services for the first time, please complete the Application for Service with RCVI form found HERE or in the Forms section of our website and send it to Deanna Rivera at [email protected].
If you have a student who transferred to you WITHIN Tennessee, please email or call Deanna Rivera ([email protected]; 615-231-7340) with this information, and we will make this change in our system for you.
If you wish to make changes regarding who can place orders from RCVI, or who your district’s APH Federal Quota designee is, please complete the APH and Ordering Designee form found HERE or in the Forms section of our website and send it to Allen Huang at [email protected].