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AT Lending Library

The RCVI recognizes that not all students in Tennessee qualify for the Federal Quota program and are thus not eligible to have APH products ordered for them, including technology like video magnifiers. For example, a student may have visual acuities of 20/400 in the right eye but “only” 20/150 in the left eye and thus cannot have an APH Jupiter or Juno video magnifier ordered for them; their visual experience, functionally, may still benefit from video magnification.
In response to this need, the RCVI is fortunate to have a limited inventory of the following video magnifiers purchased specifically to check out to these students with low vision:
  • Ruby 7 HD
    • (Link; Near/Distance viewing; identical to APH Juno but lacks OCR)
  • Cloverbook Plus
    • (Link; Near/Distance viewing; similar design as APH MATT Connect but is not Android-based)
  • Acrobat HD Mini Ultra
    • (Link; SHORT TERM LOAN ONLY; Near/Distance viewing; portable with battery, desktop-style with camera in front - allows for more ergonomic reading/writing under enlargement
  • Magnilink S
    • (Link; SHORT TERM LOAN ONLY; Near/Distance viewing; flex-arm style - connects to computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or a monitor; uses special software) 


  • Students must be enrolled in a public school district in Tennessee and have an IEP for visual impairments
  • Grades 3 -12 (3rd grade is when standard book font sizes drop)
  • Students should be considered "low vision" and not legally blind/eligible for the Federal Quota program
  • Students must be registered with the TN RCVI (see Forms page for Student Application for Service form)
  • Functional Vision/Learning Media Assessment or Assistive Technology evaluation report must be submitted that specifically documents the need for video magnification vs low-tech optical devices like dome or handheld magnifiers. 


(Must be agreed to by district TVI or SPED administrator)
  • AT solutions for improving visual access to the learning environment can exist on a spectrum, from "low-low-tech" accommodations to low-tech optical magnifiers (dome, handhelds) to high-tech video magnifiers and screen magnification software. Video magnifiers from the AT lending library should only be requested for students who do not appear to benefit from low-tech AT solutions. 
  • Unless otherwise specified, devices checked out from the AT lending library will be checked out one school year at a time. LEAs will be contacted at the end of each school year to verify the device is still in possession and will be used the following year.
  • As there is a much more limited inventory of AT lending library devices than those ordered from APH, devices must be returned immediately if it is determined they will not be useful to or used by the student. 
  • Due to the limited inventory of AT lending library devices, replacement devices are not guaranteed to districts if a device is damaged, lost or otherwise needs to be repaired.

Procedures for requesting a video magnifier 

A WATI AT Screening Form may be submitted in lieu of FVLMA/AT Eval documentation, but it must conclude the student will benefit from the use of video magnification.