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Tennessee School for the Blind Alumni Association Information

Tennessee School for the Blind Alumni Association



The purpose of this Association shall be to form a union of the graduates and former students of the Tennessee School for the Blind and to promote the interest of the school, its alumni, and the blind in general.



Any graduate or former student who was regularly enrolled in, and did creditable work at the Tennessee School for the Blind for one year, and who is no longer a student in either an elementary or a high school, is eligible for membership in this Association, and upon payment of dues, becomes an active member. The privilege of voting and of holding office shall be limited to those members who have paid their dues for the current year, except for the current graduating class, which is exempt from the payment of dues for the first year.



By a majority vote of the active members present and voting at any annual meeting of the Association, honorary membership may be bestowed upon any person who has shown an outstanding interest in the welfare and progress of the Tennessee School for the Blind, it's Alumni Association, and/or the blind in general.  Honorary members shall be entitled to all the privileges granted to such members in like organizations.





            Debbie (Gilreath) Propst- President

            Ralph A. Brewer- 1st Vice President

            Elizabeth Coffman- 2nd Vice President

            Jeff Young- 3rd Vice President

            Billy Brumlow- Treasurer

            Judy Denning- Recording Secretary

            Linda (Coker) Dykes- Corresponding Secretary

            Terry Alton- Field Secretary

            Troy Rogers -appointed to the board

            Lamont Bassham- appointed to the board

            Natalie (Cothren) Norwood

            Mike Douglas




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