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  • 57:50 Preparing Students with Visual Impairments for Postsecondary Education or Employment

    Presented by Dr. Hilary Travers and Christina Muri Irland of Transition Tennessee on 1/24/2023
    TN VIVA 2022-2023
    Session Description:
    Transition Tennessee recently conducted a statewide study to explore the needs of educators who support transition-aged (14+) youth with visual impairments. The findings and implications of this study will be presented and discussed. Attendees will walk away with newly developed FREE resources to help them support students with VI as they work toward postsecondary education or employment.
    To request the latest VI-specific resources, scholarships, and accommodations documents email Transition Tennessee directly at [email protected]

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  • TN VIVA Session 22-23: Inclusion is Belonging presented by Dr. Elizabeth Biggs 50:12 Inclusion is Belonging: Promoting Peer Engagement and Relationships for Students with Multiple Disabilities, Including Visual Impairment

    Presented by Dr. Elizabeth Biggs (Vanderbilt University) on 10/4/2022
    TN VIVA 2022-2023
    Positive peer relationships are important for all students. But, it can be challenging to know how to provide supports that lead to students with disabilities being known, accepted, and befriended by their peers, particularly when students have complex support needs—such as students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment. This session will offer practical, evidence-based strategies to equip educators (e.g., teachers of students with visual impairment, special educators, general educators, paraeducators) to promote inclusion and belonging for students with disabilities in their general education school and classroom communities through peer relationships.
    Shared links:
    * Creating communities of belonging:
    * Implementation Guide for Peer Support Arrangements:
    * Implementation Guide for Peer Network Interventions:

    Uploaded Oct 24, 2022 to RCVI(Resource Center for the Visually Impaired)

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